Aspiring bloggers always have this
confusion asking themselves which is better blogger(blogsoot) or WordPress?  These two platforms are the most used platform to make a blog, millions of web masters in the world are still debating about this comparison,  so if you are also in the trouble of choosing which is a better platform then let me share you my side of this comparison. Are you ready? Let's begin!

For newbies if you heard about WordPress, WordPress has two types of platform there is is a self hosted) and is a very expensive platform compare to If you are a type of person who loves to save money then is the answer because can let you make website with unlimited functionalities for an affordable price and it only depends on you on how you want it to function as long you know how to use the platform. So when people talks about Blogspot VS WordPress they are talking about so if you are expecting a comparison with then this post is not for you.

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Which is Better Blogspot or WordPress?:

User Friendliness

If you want to make a professional website, you can go for WordPress,  WordPress has the ability that helps you make a customizable website easier compare to blogspot,  in blogspot you can also make a professional looking website but it requires you to have an average knowledge with HTML and CSS. 


If you are on a tight budget,  blogger is the answer for you because one main reason is because it's free and if you are very serious growing your brand you can just buy a custom domain and link it to your blogspot website.


If you want to make a business website,  you can go for WordPress but if you are only focus with blogging,  I recommend you to use blogspot because blogspot is really design for making a blog. 

What's With the SEO

Many people are asking if they can really rank with just using Blogspot,  of course the answer is yes, because google rank pages and not the platform because if you study more about SEO,  SEO depends on the content.  Your Title, First Paragraph, Meta Description and URL must have your focus keyword.  It's just that pretty simple,  but if you still want to use WordPress it's up to you,  you can try WordPress yourself until you realize you just need to learn the basic of SEO before you go back using blogspot. I know this comparison sounds like bias because I already have use WordPress for the past years and I don't see the difference when it's comes to blogging. If you ask me blogspot is still the best because you don't need to problem recurring billings and expirations on your blog,  with blogspot you are free.

Final Thoughts

Blogspot is a product of Google, so if you want to have a good future with blogging I suggest you go for blogspot. Blogspot will help your content to stay forever as long your content is originally written by you,  you will not have any problem with blogspot. 

For SEO purposes,  blogspot won't let you down as long your content is long enough and has more than 400 words for sure your blog will have better results, if keywords are placed right then you can rank your blogspot blog. I hope you learn something from my blog so good luck and wish you a better adventure blogging.

Hope you have learn something from this post. If ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank for having time reading on my page and good luck to you.