Struggling for your blogspot traffic? Blogspot(blogger) is a free blogging platform where you can make your own blog without spending money and because it's free it is wiser if we can make profit from a free blogging platform. Google, the owner of blogspot doesn't mind if we can make money or not as long we use it fair and legal.

Let's face it,  if you are after having a good SEO for your blog,  it only mean your are blogging with blogspot is not just a hobby,  you also want to make business with your free blog and if your SEO works then you can make tons of traffic and make business and that is what I am going to discuss on my blog.  If you are ready to learn more about search engine optimization for blogspot then keep on reading because this will help you bring your blog into the next level. Let's begin!

Ranking your blogspot is not going to be easy but since it's free it's worth a try,  every month there are hundreds of thousands of blogs created by aspiring bloggers and web masters and by using blogspot you have the advantage to outrank other blogs,  how? Because blogspot is free and no expiration and one of the major ranking factor of page rank is domain age that is why you need to be more smarter on how you will manage your blogspot blog.

What is SEO? 

According to Wikipedia SEO stands for search engine optimization,  it is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or blog. With the right SEO tricks it can be easy for your blog to be seen on search engines because basically users who uses search engines rarely search deeper on search results which is not good for blogs that are not properly optimize. To rank your pages you should follow what I'll be sharing you today,  here are the things you should need to know. 

Blogspot SEO techniques To Drive More Traffic:

Blog Must Be Mobile Friendly

As default, your blogspot blog will be set to a none mobile responsive design which is not going to be user-friendly and mobile friendly which will have a negative effect with your blog because we are in the time where mobile devices are often used to browse the internet and a none mobile responsiveness will not be index properly because search engines now prioritize which will serve the users user friendliness and responsive for the mobile devices.

Optimize Images with Alt-Text

Blog post with no images are not fun to read and that is why it is better to include images on all of your post, every images must have alt-text because alt-text is a keyword container so if your post is index and if someone is going to look for pictures in search engine that is related to your alt-text,  people can find your images and that images will redirect people to your blog that will drive traffic to your pages. 

Use Long Tailed Keywords

As a new blog,  to rank your blog you need people to visit your blog naturally or in other words organically but how can you do it with all the competition on search engines?  The answer is Long tailed keywords. To outrank the keyword competition on search results you need to use long tailed keywords on all of your post and it must be present to your Title, First Paragraph of your post, url, and meta description. 

Simplified Your URL Length

Search engines doesn't like very long URL. since we are using blogspot,  everytime we create a blog post it automatically generate URL with dates which will make our post longer and to make it shorter edit your URL before clicking the publish button and try to make it short and simple. 

Generate Backlinks

To optimize your search ranking,  you must let search engines see that your pages are valuable and to make it happen you must make other web masters refer your blog in their website,  this is how page rank calculate how your pages will be considered valuable it's by backlinks. 

How to generate Backlinks? :
  • Guest Post, offer free writing blog post on other websites in exchange for backlinks. 
  • Blog Comments, commenting on other website and leaving your link pages. 
  • Participating on Forums, Answering questions in forums and offering solutions by sharing your blog posts links.  

Internal Linking

Like I said earlier,  to rank pages you need to generate backlinks,  and starting to have internal links to your page is the other way to make backlinks but the difference is it's your pages that are referring your other pages. By doing this your are driving traffic across your blog pages even some of your pages are not yet indexed or pages that are still not ranked, you can use your other pages that are rank high and mention there your low rank pages or new page just to drive traffic.

Headlines Must be Interesting

It takes time to rank your pages to be rank 1 and by making your headlines or blog post title interesting, instead people will be picking other pages from search engines that are ahead of you,  search engine users will choose your pages because they find it more interesting and looks helpful.  So in making a title for your next blog post,  try your best to make it appealing.

Hope you have learn something from this page. If ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you for having time reading on my page and good luck to you!