Having problem with your page indexing? Blogspot or a.k.a blogger is one of the greatest blogging platform in the world and because many are using it,  there are some who can't avoid experiencing that their blogspot pages are not indexing. What could be the reason? In this blog post i will discuss more about how to index your blog pages, and if you are ready to learn how then let's begin.

What is Indexing

In layman's terms, indexing is the process of adding your blog or website pages on search engines, with the help of the so called bots a.k.a crawlers, they collect data in your pages title, URL, links, meta description and content and they focus on the keywords that are found in your pages and they use that data to refer your blog pages on search engines. 

How to Know If Your Blogspot Pages Are Index

To check if your pages are index, the next thing you do is pretty simple, what you will do is go to then type this on your search bar. 

Google will give you results that are stored in their data,  if there is no results found, it only mean that your pages are not indexing, to index your pages this is what you will going to do. 

Indexing Your Blogspot Pages

This video is not mine,  this is only use for demonstration only, credits to the owner. 

Other Ways To Index Your Blogspot Pages:

Social Signals

As I mentioned before about bot crawlers, they collect data on a website/blog pages and social networking sites like facebook, twitter and pinterest are social networking sites that are always crawled by bot crawlers. Social signal happen when you promote your blog posts and when bot crawls on social networking site's pages and your links are in there, your pages will also be index. 

External Backlinks

External backlinks is done when other websites are referring your blog and not only social networking sites. How to do external backlinks? What you will do is participate in blog commenting,  answer some question on forums like quora and reddit then leave your links there by referring your blog post so people can learn more from your answers.

Final Thoughts

The reason why your blog post is not indexing is that you are not submitting your blog and it's pages to search engines resulting to bot crawlers are not crawling your pages. By following this steps will index your blog pages quickly and by doing social signals and external backlinks, you are not only letting all your pages index, you are also increasing your blog ranking