A lot of bloggers are confuse if which is better is it going to be blogger or WordPress? Honestly I have no hate with WordPress because I love WordPress and I have a good experience with a WordPress Self Hosted Platform before. I have made little money with a WordPress platform because I started my first blog with a WordPress platform but in this post I'm going to side with blogger because all this time I just realize that blogger was the platform that I can tell its the best CMS platform in the world!

Without a doubt, WordPress has the capability to get rid of the limits In blogging because without WordPress you can make landing pages, you can easily make pop-ups, slide in pop-ups and a lot more that are related to boosting your marketing strategy and that is the reason why WordPress(Self Hosted)  is the #1 recommended platform according to bloggers(affiliate marketers) because with WordPress anything is possible by the use of so called plugins, but most WordPress blogs that I witness was just a simple text based blog and most of those blogs are only earning with affiliate programs, Adsense, side gigs and you can also do that with blogspot blog, because blogspot is design for blogging and it's purpose is to deliver content to everyone, so if you are only making a website to start a blog then why not stick with blogspot?

In this page I will give strong good reasons why you should choose blogspot platform over everything.

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Blogspot is a God Platform

Since blogspot is a product of google, google will surely support their own product and as long google is alive, your blog will also be alive for a long time and maybe forever. Because google is using their product(blogger platform)  because they wanted to have more leverage in distributing their ads service(google Adsense) meaning it brings them more money so I am sure blogspot will surely last long maybe forever. 

It's Not Impossible to Rank

Be aware that even a blogspot subdomain is also a dot com domain so there is no difference with other TLD or Top Level domain and even just a blogspot subdomain it can also be considered a TLD so there is no reason to doubt that a blogspot blog to rank  because ranking will only depend on a blog's content as long it is valuable, you can continuesly attract more visitors and more traffic to your blog.

For more details to rank your blogspot blog even better, you can read my 8 Ways to Rank Your Blogspot Blog for additional information.

Blogspot Blogs Load Much Faster

If you don't know blogspot templates are light simple coded html templates that are not heavy to load when someone's try to browse your site. You can try to observe it by just browsing on my blog, its a proof that what I say is the truth plus blogspot blogs are stored within Google servers which is proven to be incredible fast and reliable, and fast website proven to be optimize on search engines.

Blogspot Has No Storage Capacity Limit

I have visited a lot of blogspot blog lately and alot of them has a sum of more than 3000 blog post that has been online for several years and that is what I like on a blogspot blog, you will not need to worry with the storage capacity of a blogger blog not compare to a self hosted blog, you need to pay more in order to expand everything which is one disadvantages when you are not using a blogspot platform. 

There Are Plenty of Templates To Choose From

Since there are more than 20 millions of blogspot users that are currently using blogspot, it's not going to be impossible to search for beautiful templates for your blogspot blogs. One of the theme provider is my blog,  you can go to my Blogger Themes and check what's new,  I'll be updating this categories from time to time so you will not be out of choices.

Blogspot Blogs Are Excellent Source of External Backlinks

Building traffic is challenging whatever platform you may use, Because ranking a blog takes time and hard work. Time will not be an issue because your blog has no expiration and no recurring issues. And bloggers love blogs that has high domain authority to build connection, and high domain authority are blogs who are actively updating valuable content for years, just don't forget to make sure you install intense debate on your blogspot blog so other blogs can do external link building on your blog. 

Choosing WordPress Blogging Platform Is Only for SEO Beginners

If you already tried using WordPress plugin called yoast, yoast only guide it's users to do SEO practices and it will not magically make your post to the top spot of search results, it only let's you see if your chosen keyword are setup correctly.

When you try to browse something on google on your desktop,  you can see the keywords you type on search bar in your search result's title, meta description, URL and etc.  I have wrote that all in my previous blog called 7 SEO techniques to Drive More Traffic

60% Of Traffic to Your Blog is All About Connections

Blogging today is all about building connections and brand exposure because search engines today are crowded with millions of blogs on the search results, since we cannot control what will google show on their search result,  to get more traffic, you need to build your relationship with others people with the usefulness of our content and how we treat our readers. 

Final Thoughts

It's not impossible to rank a blogspot blog if you just read my posts that I have shared to you on my blog, as long your content don't lack words,  not crappy, and has a value,  your blog will attract more readers and soon will become your regular followers.

Always remember when using blogspot,  to become successful with this platform,  you only need to follow these simple blogspot content policy and I promise, you will never experience negative results with a blogspot platform. Hope this post was helpful to you,