Why Bloggers Should Go Back Using Blogspot

A lot of bloggers are debating for a long time about blogger a.k.a blogspot Vs. WordPress(Self Hosted). I have no hate with WordPress because I have a good experience with a WordPress Self Hosted Platform in the pasf. I have made little money with a WordPress platform because I started my first blog with a WordPress platform but what I discovered is priceless and will be valuable to all bloggers who wants to be successful with blogging and that is what I am going to reveal with you one by one on this blog post.

Without a doubt, WordPress has the capability to get rid of the limits In blogging, that is why WordPress(Self Hosted)  is the number 1 recommended platform according to bloggers(affiliate marketers) because with WordPress anything is possible with the use of plugins but most WordPress blogs that I witness was just a plain blog and most blogs are only earning with affiliate programs, Adsense and side gigs and blogspot can also do because blogspot is design for blogging for one main purpose and it's to deliver content to everyone so if you are only making a website to blog then don't get away with the advantages when you start using blogspot.

Today in this blog post i will give you a good reason why you should choose blogspot platform over everything:

Blogspot is Immortal

Since blogspot is a product of google, google will surely support their own product and as long google is alive, your blog will also be alive for a long time and maybe forever.

It's Not Impossible to Rank

Be aware that even a blogspot subdomain is also a dot coming domain so there is no difference with other TLD or Top Level domain and even just a blogspot subdomain is also considered a TLD so there is no reason to doubt a blogspot blog to rank  because ranking will only depend on a blog's content as long it is valuable, you can continuesly attract more and more traffic. To guide you to actively rank your blogspot blog, you can read my 8 Ways to Rank Your Blogspot Blog.

Blogspot Blogs Are Impressively Loads Faster

For your information blogspot templates are light simple coded html templates that are not heavy to load when someone's try to browse your site. You can try to observe by just browsing on my blog, its a proof that what I say is true plus blogspot blogs are stored within Google servers which is proven to be incredible fast and reliable and fast website are more SEO friendly on search engines.

There is No Limit to Storage

I have visited a lot of blogspot blog lately and most of them has a sum of more than 3000 blog post that has been for several years and that is what I like on blogspot, you will not need to problem the storage capacity not like on self hosted blog, you need to pay more in order to expand everything which is some disadvantages when you are not using a blogspot platform. 

There Are Plenty of Themes

Since there are 20 millions of blogspot users are currently using blogspot, it's not impossible to look for beautiful templates for your blogspot blogs. One of the theme provider is my blog,  you can go to my Blogger Themes and check what's new,  I'll be updating this categories from time to time so you will not be out of choices.

Blogspot Blogs Are Excellent Source of External Backlinks

Building traffic is challenging whichever platform you use,  we cannot avoid that struggle and finding connection is one of the strategy in building traffic. 

Because ranking a blog takes time and effort, time is not an issue because your blog has no expiration and no recurring issues. And bloggers love blogs who has high domain authority and high domain authority are blogs who are actively updating valuable content for years, just make sure you install intense debate on your blogspot blog so other blogs can do external link building on your blog. 

Choosing a Blogging Platform for SEO Is for Novice

If you are able to use WordPress plugin called yoast, yoast only guide you to do SEO and not magically make your post to the top search results, it let's you see if your chosen keyword are setup right.

When you try to browse something on google on your desktop,  you can see the keywords you type on search bar in your search result's title, meta description, URL and etc.  I have wrote that all in my previous blog called 7 SEO techniques to Drive More Traffic

60% Of Traffic to Your Blog is All About Connections

Blogging today is all about building connections and brand awareness because search engines today are crowded with millions of blogs and depending on search results to get traffic will not be quick because competitions are everywhere and to stand out,  you need to connect with other blog to stand out the crowd. 

Final Thoughts

It's not impossible to rank a blogspot blog if you have just read my posts that I have shared on my blog, as long your content don't lack words,  not crappy,  has value,  your blog will attract more readers and become your regular followers.

Always remember when using blogspot,  to become successful with this platform,  you only need to follow these simple blogspot content policy and I promise you will never experience negative results with a blogspot platform. Hope this post help you, 
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