So you started a blogspot blog and now you're struggling to get more traffic? Driving traffic  to your blog is never been easy and for your information if you want to improve your blog traffic,  you must understand that it requires enough time before you can see results and usually it takes 3-5 month to see growth on your traffic so if you are a newbie blogger who wants to drive more traffic then this post is for you,  I will guide you some ways if you are one of the blogger who don't want to wait for 3-5 months to see traffic growth.

Usually when you are still starting out,  you will not get any traffic to your blog because most of your blog posts are not yet fully index and because your blog post is still new,  your post are not yet ranked and you need to rank your post before it is going to show more often in the search engine. For new blog post it is not going to show often on the first page of search engines and most often it's not going to show up on the top 3 or 10. Heres what you need to do to rank your blog and to incredibly increase your blog traffic.

What To Do Since Your Blogspot Blog is Not Getting Any Traffic? :

Create Valuable Content

In creating your next blog post, you must write blog post that are extremely helpful to everyone,  it must be useful and able to solve your reader's problems, because if you post is just full of crap then no one is going to search your content on Google or in other search engines in short research only for topics that has a high volume search demands that is related to your niche or search for questions that are always ask on the internet, you can go to quora and you can search for people asking different kind of questions and make a blog post about it. 

Avoid Creating Thin  Content

If you try to search some blog post on the internet, you will see that blog post who usually gets to the top 10 of search results are mostly long type of content and you will never see thin content that has only less than 200 hundred words who has able to show up on top search results, as possible I require you to write some blog post that is not less than 400 words per blog post to get better search appearance. 

Promote On Quora 

Quora is one of the famous answer and question website, it's a forum website where people ask different types of question including crazy stuffs.  what you will do is search for questions related to your blog post or find some question and write a blog post about it and answer some question on quora in 1 paragraph or 2 then refer them to your blog post so they can learn more about it and the good thing about quora is that your links could stay forever as long the question is still on demand. 

Promote On Facebook

Facebook is the #1 social media site today's where there are already billions of users around the globe  using it, meaning your market audience is unlimited,  what you will do there is join  some groups related to your niche and wait for people to ask some questions related to your blog post and refer them to your blog post to answer their questions,  in this ways you will not look spammy and you blog will begin to be useful for your audience.

Create a Facebook Fan Page

With a Fan Page you are able to collect your followers, they are you target audience that has the interest on your blog. What you will do is share a post on your fan page and boost your post, this will cost you money but the important is you are able to invite people to be your follower after liking your fan page posts, with this way you are able to collect followers who will be potential reader of your next blog post. 

Comment On High Authority Sites

High authority websites are websites  or blogs with high DA or aka Domain Authority and high PA or aka Page Authority and leave your blog link by commenting on their blog post. High authority are measured because of their high traffic on a day to day basis and by leaving your links,  you can drive some of their traffic to your blog. 

Final Thoughts

As a blogspot blog user,  I strongly suggest you to follow the tips that i shared to you on this post because it is the only way if you want to rank your blog, blogspot is harder to rank specially with a blogspot subdomain but it's not impossible to do, you just need to do this tips consistently in a day to day basis in order to have great results. Now that I shared you what you need, are you ready to grow?