Are you a blogspot blogger who wants to increase your daily pageviews? Blogspot blogs are totally free and it's wiser if we can make enough stable pageviews or traffic to our free blog so we can start doing business online, and if you are ready to learn more from this post then just keep reading,  after all there is nothing to lose. I will guide you through all the ways on how to increase your pageviews,  are you ready?  Let's begin!

Understanding Pageviews

Every visitors who comes to your blog seem to always in a hurry and most of the time some of your visitors doesn't even have the time to read another post in your blog and resulting to less pageviews and maybe because of poor content or just a poor user experience. 

It seems that the main problem of all the bloggers out there specially the new ones are how to gain more pageviews or in other words traffic because without enough traffic,  you can't monetize your blog,  so how are we going to increase our blog pageviews? 

Ways To Increase Your Blogspot Pageviews? :

Recycle Your Old Post

Do you know why big blogs have tremendous readers and followers? It is because their blogs posts provides complete information. How do they do that? They always link their old blog post to the new ones, this way they are able to revive their old blog post to gain again more pageviews. 

Tweak Your Blogspot Design

Today people are now 60% focus on web design of the website than the content because first impression last and before reading further,they make a feel first the user friendliness of the website for better experience before becoming a loyal readers and followers. 

Allow Blog Commenting On Your Blog

For the sake of more pageviews,  we should find a way to grow more regular readers or visitors  to our blog and to do that we should allow others to leave comment on our blog because other bloggers can also become our loyal readers and follower. By default blogspot comment box are not user friendly because it doesn't allow commentors to leave their website address with their comments in result it reduces the attraction to get more regular readers but I found a solution for that,  read more about my Add Customize Comment Box with URL for Blogspot.

Promote Your Post on Social Networking Sites

Even how good,valuable or helpful the contents on your blog,  if no one will know then who's going to keep going reading or checking on your blog? None,  because you lack brand awareness, to solve the lack of brand awareness, you should promote your content consistently so many can know how valuable your blog is. 

Following social networking sites are:
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Pick Evergreen Topics

Evergreen topics are blog post that doesn't gets old even how old it has been,  it's still going to be consider a useful information that can still solve problems are what I called evergreen topics.

Comment on Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is another ways to drag traffic pageviews to your blog because you are broadening your exposure in different blogs,  when commenting on other blogs,  you are able to leave your blog web address and if your comments are helpful,  people will want to visit your blog to learn more about your chosen niche. 

Participate On Forums

Forums are website where people ask and answer questions, and you can be a teacher there trying to solve your student's question by providing an answers and referring them to your blog. Just remember not to look spammy by giving an introduction of 1 or 2 paragraphs base on the questions and ending with your blog post URL so they can learn more by visiting on your blog. 

Best Forums to go to:
  • Quora
  • Reddit

Final Thoughts

Its never easy to make your pageviews grow in a stable level but by following these tips you can grow your traffic slowly but surely, you just need to be consistent and plan a schedule to balance everything. Hope this had help you to your journey in blogging may good luck come to you!