Do you own a blogspot blog or also known as blogger and you want to increase your domain authority?  If you are then this post is for you. Blogspot is one of the best blogging platform because it offers free usage and if your are aiming to improve your domain authority just keep reading and let me guide you.

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a metric to predict the ability of a website or a blog to rank in search engines. A high Domain authority metrics means your website or blog have the potential to rank well in search engine results.

If you aim to grow your brand then increasing your domain authority is the solution,  you can consider domain authority as the measurement of your brand. Having a high domain authority has many benefits and here are the list below:
  • It will increase your blog traffic.
  • Other blogs will want to work with you. 
  • You will gain more regular readers. 
  • Other blogger will always visit your blog and interact with your post. 

How Domain Authority is Scored?

Base on my experience, domain authority ranges from 1 to 100, the higher the score,  the more your blog posts will be visible on search engines. It needs time for search engines before it can determine how many links are pointing to your blog. 

Is it Possible For Blogspot to Rank?

According to SEO expert here's a short video that blogspot can rank well:

This video is not my property,  This video is for demonstration purposes only, credits to the owner. 

How to Increase Blogspot Domain Authority?:

Make Sure Your Content is High Quality

First step to increase your domain authority is to create a high quality blog post. How? Create content that can solve people's problem because those kind of topics are most search on the internet. 

Build Backlinks For Your Blog

Build backlink or in other words link building can boost your domain authority but still you need to give it a time, but how can you build backlinks? Just do this and be consistent. 
  • Blog commenting to high authority websites. 
  • Guest Posting
  • Promote your posts to social networking sites
  • Participate to forum websites.

Optimize Your Images

Did you know you can insert keywords on your photos,  you can insert keywords to your image called alt-text, this will tell search engines what your photos is all about on your pages and it can redirect people to your blog. 

Final Thoughts

Blogspot blogs has many advantages to rank your blog's domain authority,  one advantages is that it's free and no expiration because it can go live as long as you like as long it follows google content policy,  because one major component to increase domain authority is it's domain age and with blogspot it's easy to increase your domain authority's blog just make sure you always update your blogspot blog for new post.