Do you have a blogger(blogspot) blog?  Blogger is a free blogging platform where you do not need to spend money to start a blog. And because blogger is free, there are some rumors that blogger doesnt have the chance to compete with other blogging platform. Another issue is that the subdomain, people are asking since blogspot subdomain is free will it ever rank in Google search engine? In this page I will be discussing this issue about free blogspot ranking and discover if blogger blog will have the chance to rank on Google, are you ready? let's begin!

Blogger platform that provides subdomain is owned by google,  in terms of ranking,  any blogging platforms, TLD domain name and subdomains has the right to rank #1 because you are not ranking a website, you are ranking a web page of your website because overall content is still the king.

Ranking blogspot subdomain is not entirely impossible because it only depends on your effort as a blogger, as long as your blogspot blog  meets google's guideline in using their free platform and has enough backlinks and social mentions then any blog can rank #1.

Before we end this topic,  let me teach you the two important guidelines to have a successful blogspot blog which are Google Blogger Guideline to avoid getting suspended pages and The Basic SEO Guidelines to Rank your Blogspot so google can rank your pages much faster. These two are the crucial guidelines in order to make sure your target readers gets to your blog post or articles.

Google Blogger Guideline

Follow this guidelines to avoid google from removing your blogspot blog:
  • Do not scrape or copying other people's content. 
  • Do not use blogspot on Illegal activities. 
  • Do not use blogspot for hate speech. 
  • Harassment, bullying and intimidation. 
  • Leaking confidential and personal information of other people without their permission. 
  • Exploiting children. 
  • Do not create spam information or crappy topics or no value to the community. 
  • Pornography.
  • Violence
  • Impersonation and distorting
  • Using of copyright images or material that has no permission. 
By continuing this kind of activities is subject for removal of pages. Violating the blogger guideline will make your pages to no longer be accessible to the public or in search engines, resulting to decrease effect on your ranking since ranking is base on regular number of visitors going to your blog pages every month.

Basic SEO Guidelines to Rank Your Blogspot

  • Create blog post that solves people's problem. 
  • Content must be original that is written personally by you and not copied on other website. 
  • Content must consist of more than 300 words. 
  • Create engaging blog post title. 
  • Images must have their own alt-text. 
  • Submit your blog to google search console. 
  • Write blog post regularly to keep your blog fresh every day. 
Hope you have learn something from this page. If ever you have doubts or you want to add valye on this page,feel free to leave a comment below and i will be happy to give you my response. Thank yoy for having time reading on this page and good luck to you!