Is your dream to work online at home without a boss? If you're jobless, a housewife or already got a job then this opportunity is for you because everyone wants a side income jobs to make an extra income.

We all want to make our life easier and finding the right opportunity is the solution. The good thing about the opportunity that I am to tell you is that you don't need to pressure yourself or or going to be stress about the deadlines or anything not comfortable like you experience on the traditional work.

In this opportunity you are able to choose your working hours and whatever day you want to work, it's up to you because no one is going to boss you around because with this opportunity you are the boss.  And the opportunity that I am talking about is blogging.

What is Blogging

Blogging is an self employed career where a person setups his/her blog and updates it frequently.

Blog started as an online diary or journal virtually that contains picture, text, videos and movies images called GIF,  and because many people are engage with blogging since the beginning of the internet,  people are now doing it for business.

You can think of blogs like your local newspaper or a magazine and do you know how newspaper and magazine earn really big? It is from ads.

In my blog I will be coaching newbie blogger more about ads but in this article I will talk more about blogging and blogs.

By making a blog,  you are opening an opportunity to establish your own newspaper or magazine company on the internet and people love to go to the internet rather than buying a newspaper or a magazine because it's more easy to access.

As you continue reading you will learn how to create a blog for free.

People love to read things that can solve their problem and can help them improve their lifestyle.

Even you are also using the internet to know how to solve some things. Can you see now the potential of blogging? If you can be a reliable and valuable source of information in the internet then you can make business with your readers

How to Make a Blog?

Making a blog is pretty simple for newbies, I suggest you use Blogger or in other words blogspot is a good platform to start because you can start a blog for free. As long you follow blogger usage rules and policy you won't have a problem with  the platform. Just a quick reminder this require google account to start. To start a blog you can proceed to Blogger and register!

Hope you have learn something from this page. If you havw doubts,questions or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and i will be happy to give you my response. Thank you for having time reasing on this page amd good luck to you.

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