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Since Blogspot is a free platform to start a blog I am going to be honest with you that it is not going to be easy to rank a blogspot because one of the reason is its not easy to make backlinks with a blogspot subdomain. Why? Because some high rank blogs don't accept blogs with blogspot subdomain for you to build backlinks on their website but if you are determine to make it easy for you to make backlinks with high PR website,  you can buy a custom domain and make your blog instead of

How Page Rank is Calculated

Page rank is based on an algorithm calculated depending on a number of links that are referring to your blog that includes inbound, external, do-follow and no-follow backlinks. In order to increase your blog traffic, you need to improve page rank by following my tips to increase page rank. 

Do not be dissapointed now that I have said earlier that it's hard to rank your blogspot blog because I did not say it's impossible,  you just need to double your hardwork to make your blogspot page rank. You also have nothing to lose because blogspot is only free and it only needs hardwork and the right discipline and patience to be successful.

How to Page Rank Your Blogspot?:

Write Valuable Content

Ranking blogs are not very difficult it's not easy but it's not that hard,  it only needs the right positive mindset to make it right.  If it feels difficult for you to rank a blogspot,  it only proves that you're rushing your blog to make results which is not realistic. Don't rush if you can still make valuable content. 

Valuable content are content that very educational , that solves problem and very informative. Always remember that a good content will likely be shared to their friends by a satisfied readers. 

Improve Content

It doesn't mean after you hit publish you're just going to leave your old blog post behind,  your  old blog post are not yet perfect, some blog post might still lacking points, wrong grammar or has a wrong typo. Try to improve your post from time to time until it's complete and can be considered a very excellent blog post.

Link Exchange

This is an old school but still an excellent technique to rank your blog. With this technique you will need to look for other websites that rank well to exchange links with your blog and a good place to look is on facebook groups that are doing link exchange. 

Steal Your Competitor's Backlink

If you got a blog to follow to you can get their backlinks by knowing what websites are link to their blog using By knowing who's referring to their blog,  you will also have a clue where to comment and leave your links for backlinks.

Guest Post

Guest posting is another proven technique to get backlinks. If you are a good or an excellent writer you can do guest post. There are a lot of big blogs that hire freelancer writers  just to have a fresh content and you can offer guest posting than spending money to hire freelancer and instead of paying you, you will only ask for backlinks. 

Leave Comment to Other Sites

You should also comment regularly on other blog with the same niche like your blog because I am also doing this until now. You need to set up a schedule so you can leave comment to other site consistently. 

Promote Your Post to Social Media

Like in leaving a comment to other site,  set a schedule to promote your blog to facebook, Pinterest and forums. Promoting your blog post will have your blog an extra traffic and an increase exposure and brand awareness for your blog. 

Internal Linking

If no one is still referring your pages, you can do self linking or in other words internal linking.  Internal linking is a way to link some of your post to your other post making your posts accessible across your blog.

Hope you have learn something from this post. If ever you have doubts or you want to add valye on this page feel free to leave a comment below and i will be happy to give you ny response. Thank you for having time reading on this page and good luck to you.

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