Do you own a blogspot blog and you're trying to increase your traffic? If you are not a blogspot blog user then this post is not for you, but if you are then are you ready to learn more?

Blogspot is a free blogging platform  and other blogger or affiliate marketer are spreading rumors that blogspot can't make tons of traffic which is not true. One reason why bloggers say that you can't make traffic, money and business with blogspot is because they are trying to sell their affiliate program to you. Making traffic to a website has no connection to which ever you use blogging platform because any platform has the capability to make millions of visitor per month,  you just need the right knowledge to make it possible. If you are ready to learn how to make traffic to your blog then read this.

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7 Reasons Why Your Blogspot Doesn't Make Traffic:

Your Blog Still Not Old Enough

Blogging that are still new practically doesn't make traffic or not even reaching to 100 visitors a day in between the first 6 months because search engines hasn't yet crawl your entire website. Also if your blog is still new, as a newbie blogger it's not going to be your job to problem about it if when your blog is going to get tons of traffic. Than stressing yourself about getting traffic,  since your blog is still new focus more on creating valuable content that solves problem and help make people's life easier. 

No Passion on Blogging

To have a successful blogspot blog,  learn first to apply the passion in blogging. Stop thinking first how to make money or how to get traffic and start focusing how to make your blog useful to your readers,  thats all that matter because people won't go to a blog and will not become a loyal readers that does not have value to them. 

Your Blog Post Title Sucks

If you want people to be intrigue with your blog and so that can know what content you are offering, you need to make your title attracts curiosity in order to stand out on search engines. Observe how professional bloggers publish their blog's title and learn something from their post,  this is how you are going to improve making an appealing title. 

Not Updating Frequently

If you are desperate to make business with your blogspot blog, you should always update your blog frequently so your returning readers will learn more something from you. List all the blog post title you plan to write about so you can plan on what your next blog post will be. As possible make new blog post every other two days or three because people love to check blogs that are consistently alive and active.  This will increase more traffic to your blog from returning readers. If you can write 1 blog post per day then thats great! 

Content has no Value

You might be writing blog post that other people find it boring or irrelevant. When picking a topic to write, choose topics that are in need, problem solver and can make other people's life easier. This are the topics that are valuable and very interesting to read. 

Your Blog is Not Focused or not a Micro Niche 

Do not pick niche which covers everything. This decrease the interest of your returning readers because it will become less user friendly and very hard for your visitors to navigate for content that they are searching for. The idea here is to not confuse your readers what your blog is all about. Pick only micro niche and this will drive more traffic. 

Your Contents is Poor

Poor content are content that has only few words in a post and is not good for SEO. if search engine detects that your post are few, incomplete or lacking than the required words then search engines will choose other blogs that has better and same content like yours. For better result I suggest you compose blog post that are more than 300 words to get best traffic results. 

You're Not Promoting to Social Media

Since your blog is still not known by other,  you can promote your blog and showcase it's content to social media so many will be aware what your blog is all about. 

Final Thoughts

Using blogspot blog to have a tons of traffic is not too hard and not that easy, all you have to think is that you just need to have the passion to help others with the use of your blog. When people appreciate your blog this will eventually become your loyal readers and they will talk about it with their friends and family and you can regularly increase your blogs traffic.

Thank you for having time reading on this page, if ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and i will be happy to give you my response. Thank you again for having time reading on this page and good luck to you!