For me blogger(blogspot) is the best CMS platform to start a blog for newbies and because it's free ranking it will not be easy but it doesnt mean its impossible.

One of the fastest way to rank a blog is to make backlinks but for blogspot specially using only a subdomain it's not going to be easy because other bloggers won't easily let you build your links in their blog specially with a blogspot subdomain because for other bloggers, blogspot subdomain is a spam,  I'm not telling blogspot is literally spam,  but most of blogspot blogs are spam. So being a blogspot blogger you need to prove that you are not one of the spam blogs,  you need more hardworking to grow your brand and authority before your blogspot blog will consider to be trustable.

But if you have the budget to buy a custom domain then I strongly suggest you do so.

Do not be disappointed now that I've said its going to be hard for you to rank your blogspot blog since its free, you have nothing to lose,  all you just need to do is to learn more how to increase your rank from time to time.

6 Ways to Rank Blogspot Without Backlinks:

Submit Your Blog to Google Search Console

Have you not done this yet? Submitting your blog to google?  This might be the reason why your blog didn't get index quickly because you didn't let google know that your blog has existed.

When you register your blog to google search console, you are telling google to send bot crawlers to collect keywords and data about your blog so whenever people are searching for information on Google related to your topics,  google will refer your blog. 

Create Valuable Content

People love to read content that can help them improve their lifestyles. To create valuable content, you need to learn how to be a teacher. Learn, research and discover new things and pass it to your readers. Be a teacher that student will love. 

Use Long-tail Keywords

I am not telling short tail keywords aren't working but long-tail keywords let's you get fewer keyword competitors. Long tail keyword for example instead of "dog" make it for example "beautiful female dog accessories" and that keyword must be present on your Title, Meta Description, First Paragraph on your blog and alt-text on your image. 

Do Internal Links

Soon some of your blog post will be seen on search engines but your other post will not,  internal linking will help you drive traffic from your main post to your other post making your other post rank well. So it is really important if you want to rank your blog, never ignore internal linking.

Never Stop Updating Your Blog

A blog can easily rank when a blog always gets new blog post. How?  Everytime new content is publish google crawler index it and your old post will be included too,  it's called reindex. If you want your blog posts to be seen for a long time on search engines,never stop updating your blog. 

Never Doubt Blogspot

Not because it's not easy to rank a blogspot blog doesn't mean you do not have the chance to make business with it, just a take a look at this blog this is a blogspot blog too. Some of the main ranking factor is domain age and value content,  and because you do not pay for anything, no one is going to close your blog because of expiration. As long you abide the blogspot usage policies, it's going to be forever. Just enjoy blogging and worrying about ranking will never be an issue as long you do not give up.

Hope you have learn something from this page if ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this topic, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you for having time reading on my page and good luck to you

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