There are many blogspot users that are asking. Is blogspot really worth it to try? Will there be a chance to become successful with google's blogging platform?  Every blogger dreamed to become successful and everytime I browse the internet I witness different struggle, I witness some makes great results and some don't make any results and this is what we are going to discuss on my blog post.

Today let me guide you to discover what you should do then apply it and what are the things that we should not continue to do in order to make better results. Are you ready? Let's begin! 

Most blogspot users have been discourage believing that blogspot  has no place in the internet, believing that it cannot compete and rank like any other blogging platform which I believe is a big lie because blogspot is a product of google and there is no reason for google to not support their own product.  Also one reason why you should not believe that blogspot cannot rank because google rank pages depends on the content and not on the blogging platform which we will take deeper discussion later. So what could be wrong? I say it's the liability of the blogger and not the platform itself. 

According to Wikipedia:
Page Rank works by counting the quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important or valuable the content of the page is because if the content of the page is consider valuable then if will likely be shared by people to their friend if they find it helpful or feel satisfied
With this statement it only proves that ranking a blog doesn't require what your domain should be or what blogging platform you use but how good the topic you write in your blog is what matters.

Why Most Blogspot Don't Become Successful:

You Are Not a Passionate Blogger

If you research more about blogging, you will understand that a blog doesn't make results overnight,  you won't make big at the start and if you are not passionate with blogging then you will quit eventually before result comes to you because results happen in the long run, not today and not tomorrow but it requires 1,2  and some make big results after 5 years of hardwork updating their blogs and marketing it. 

You Have No Originality

Most blogspot blog fail for one reason,  they don't make original content. Google restricted blogspot users to avoid copying content from other website, in exchange people can use blogspot for free and if they continue using blogspot by not following google's policy, their blogs will be remove, suspended or index is cancelled. And because most blogspot user are not skilled writers because most of them are experimenting only,  you can observe that there are only few blogspot blog that show on the top of search engines which is a sad reaction for me. So I suggest you to learn more.  Read read read more so you can write original content because when I started blogging since English is not my primary language,  I don't know what to write and how to start but eventually after years of writing newbie article and learning from my previous mistakes and reading a lot more, now I can write blog post when I start to think about my next blog post title and it such an improvements to me that I am proud of. 

Your Blog Covers Everything 

Making a successful blog is not easier as you think,  honestly writing too long and valuable blog post is very exhausting and not enjoyable. If you do not make result after that you will eventually get lazy and be bored because you will feel it's not worth to pursue it. So pick only one field of topic in other words make your blog a micro niche and avoid making broad range of topics. The idea here is to not confuse your visitors on what your blog is all about or else they will look for other blogs which is easier to navigate content. 

You're Not Willing to Learn

To become a successful blogger,  you should update your blog frequently but how can you produce more blog post if you only have limited knowledge and if you hate reading then blogging is not for you. 

You Only Start Blogging Because of Money

People who always aim to make money with blogging eventually quit because blogging is hard and time consuming and making a living with blogging takes years before you can make great results.  If you don't start to learn to discipline yourself that blogging needs time and hardwork then blogging is not for you.

Having a Brand is Not Important to You

Brand plays a vital role in blogging because it's the reason why readers coming back to your blog,  with the use of your valuable content and working content(that is working and solving their problem)  plus your brand,  you build the trust that keeps your readers coming back to your blog. It's not the domain name you have or the blogging platform that you use,  it's the brand that matters that symbolizes you.

Hope you have learn something from this post, if ever you have doubts or you want to add value on this page,  feel free to leVe a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thank you again for having time reading on my page and good luck to you.